Explore Asian Cinema

Client ︎︎︎ Asian Film Archive
Year ︎︎︎ 2019
Service ︎︎︎ Branding, Identity, Environmental, Digital

Explore Asian Cinema is a promotional campaign for the Asian Film Archive’s regular film programmes. CROP was commissioned to develop an identity system for the campaign.

When we were given the campaign tagline “Explore Asian Cinema” the elements of play and discovery were feelings that we wanted to capture. We drew inspiration from the tangram, a puzzle of Asian origin. The puzzle consists of flat shapes which can be used to form different silhouettes. Discovery comes into play when different silhouettes are formed, which is a cerebral process as much as it is dynamic and fun.

This resonated with the message behind the campaign, with the exploration of Asian cinema as driven by curiosity, play, and discovery. Much like the tangram with its infinite permutations of forms, the journey of exploring Asian cinema takes you through a multitude of different possibilities, never static, sometimes cerebral, sometimes pure fun.

Using tangram shapes as the base, we developed a custom typeface for the word “explore”. Exploiting the versatility of the tangram, the individual shapes were also extracted and adapted to various print and digital formats, including a wayfinding system as well as merchandise.