Global (Anglophone) Networks of Tropical Architecture by Jiat-Hwee Chang—for The Impossibility of Mapping (Urban Asia)

Client ︎︎︎ NTU Centre for Contemporary Arts
Year ︎︎︎ 2019
Service ︎︎︎ Editorial

CROP was commissioned by NTU Centre for Contemporary Art Singapore to design the insert  Global (Anglophone) Networks of Tropical Architecture as part of The Impossibility of Mapping (Urban Asia), a publication that examines William S. W. Lim’s critical spatial practice through a compilation of textual and visual case studies and historical projects.

A set of infographics were developed to consolidate the research made by Dr. Jiat-Hwee Chang. His work documents Anglophone involvement in tropical architecture across the equator during the mid 20th century.

To distill the research which includes chronological data, information on architects and planners, as well as locations (which cover localised points as well as areas), two kinds of visualisations were created: a map, and a timeline. Graphical symbols utilizing shape and color were carefully designed to represent the different sets of data. These symbols were used across both visualisation formats, which enables for easy cross-reference and contextualisation of data that spans time and space.