Journey of a Yellow Man. Selected Materials from the Independent Archive

Client ︎︎︎ NTU Centre for Contemporary Arts
Year ︎︎︎ 2018
Service ︎︎︎ Editorial

Journey of a Yellow Man. Selected Materials from the Indepent Archive is a special exhibition featuring material from the Independent Archive held together with the launch of the Digital Resource Platform. We created a directory that accompanies the exhibition.

The cover of the directory features a squiggly line. We liked the idea of the squiggly line as a silly line, as opposed to a straight line which is utilitarian and functional. When we think of Lee Wen’s work, such as in Untitled (Raffles), there is a silliness and earnesty about the way he confronts our bureaucratic conventions.

Lee Wen’s body was often the center of much of his work, and the squiggly line also acts as a visual reference to his spine, as he suffered from Parkisons later in life. As Ray Langenbach writes: "not just the yellowness construct that distinguishes Lee's body, but the structural spinal-(dis) construct of scoliosis beneath the skin…”

The spreads of the directory are designed in a way that is utilitarian, to match the organizational system and aesthetics of an archive.