Retrospective: Wong Kar Wai

Client ︎︎︎ Asian Film Archive
Year ︎︎︎ 2021
Service ︎︎︎ Identity, Animation & Digital

Retrospective is an ongoing film programme organised by the Asian Film Archive with the intent to feature extensive bodies of work by filmmakers of different periods.

The visual identity comprises two main elements—a logotype and a line. The alphabet “E” which appears thrice in the logotype is flipped to signify the act of looking back upon reaching various milestones in one's career. Being a flexible visual device, the line provides opportunities to construct motifs crafted specifically for each featured filmmaker. Styled with an arrowhead pointing to the left, the line further reinforces the overarching theme of looking back in time.   

In the inaugural edition featuring the critically-acclaimed filmmaker Wong Kar Wai, the line mimics the form of the alphabet “W” as a reference to Wong’s initial. The overall design is presented as a visual timeline with one continuous line morphing into various forms to organise relevant information such as the film lineup and schedule. Neon colour is chosen as a reflection of the vivid cityscapes often seen in Wong’s films.

View the full trailer here.