The Migrant Ecologies Project —
Seeding Stories: Guide to the Interiors of a Salt Water Crocodile

In Collaboration with The Migrant Ecologies Project


Artistic Collaboration

Exhibition and Location: Agri/Cultures. Seed-Links Exhibition. Svalbard. June 2019
Book designer and performer: Zachary Chan
Project conceptualiser, artist, art writer & educator: Lucy Davis
Photographer, cinematographer: Kee Ya Ting
Researcher, writer, performer: Muhammad Faisal Bin Husni

Seeding Stories: A Guide to the Interior of a Salt Water Crocodile is a collaboration between The National University of Singapore Museum (Curator Siddharta Perez) and The MA Programme in Visual Cultures, Curating and Contemporary Art, Department of Art, Aalto University Finland (Lucy Davis, Professor of Artistic Practices).